CAPE COD FAMILY FIESTA, July, 2014, Sagamore, Massachusetts


I need to preface this post with a quick explanation of my family tree. I have what you may call, a unique family situation. Both of my parents have been married and divorced three times each (that’s five marriages between the two of them) and I have several brothers and sisters of varying ages and colors. Even so, in my family we don’t distinguish between “step”, “half” and “full” siblings. We all love each other and that’s all the matters. But just for a  reference, I have attached a nifty family tree I’ve come up with over the years as a quick explanation. See below. Continue reading


EMPANADA PARTY / WORLD CUP FINAL, July 2014, Bushwick, Brooklyn


My boyfriend lived in Buenos Aires during his Junior year abroad. A week before the World Cup began he bought a flat brim Argentina baseball cap and continued to wear it for the entire tournament. When, for a brief moment, it looked like the USA was going to play Argentina in the quarter finals (set to be played on the Fourth of July), I asked him “Who are you going to route for? Argentina or USA? WIthout missing a beat he said, “Argentina”. When they made it into the Finals he declared we were having an empanada party. So an empanada party is what we had! Continue reading

FARMER’S MARKET FEAST / MY FIRST ROOF BBQ, July 2014, Bushwick, Brooklyn


I’ve been feeling really guilty lately about not buying local and/or organic. Two summers ago I lived on a farm with my (then farmer) boyfriend and puppy. (Just to clarify, it’s the same boyfriend, he just now has a different job). We picked our dinner from vegetables he grew with his is own hands (plus a few others). We always had farm fresh eggs and always ate “in season”. And it was all FREE. But now, as a struggling twenty something living once again in New York City I find it ridiculously expensive to eat fresh, seasonal and local. I take advantage of the low cost meat and produce at our neighborhood Bizarre Grocery (gotta love Bushwick). They have a butcher on the premises and the produce is pretty fresh and more importantly reasonably priced. This place is GREAT when we’re hosting a larger party and looking to keep our food costs down. But last Monday I decided to make a small intimate dinner for my roommates and a few friends. So I broke my pattern and ventured to the Union Square Farmer’s MarketContinue reading