Born and raised in NYC, I currently split my time between the Upper West Side and my boyfriend’s farm on the North Fork of Long Island. I own and run a small Bar and Italian eatery in Midtown called Cielo at the Mayfair . I took the restaurant over from father and relocated after he lost the lease on the original location after over 25 years in business. I grew up in the industry, love working at the restaurant and like to think I’m pretty good at it (at least my Yelp reviews say I am!).

I started this blog in June of 2013 (but really only got it going in June of 2014) to document one of my passions outside of work: parties. I have always had a special knack for “making fun” (which definitely helps in running a restaurant), whether it be hosting theme parties in college, whipping up extravagant dinnes for 20 or just organizing casual gatherings of friends. I realized I was pretty good at planning parties and this blog shares my ideas and execution for parties (and all around good times) past and present! I use the term “party” to mean any type of gathering with people I love, and nowadays these gathering usually involve food.

I have always loved cooking but ever since I started dating the boyfriend  in 2011 (who was a farmer at the time) I have gotten more and more into home cooking (no I don’t cook at the restaurant but I do make drinks and occasionally wash dishes). In particular, I love cooking for large groups, though sometimes I attempt romantic dinners for two with the boyfriend. I love inviting friends over to enjoy family style meals together and most of my posts are about dinner parties. I try and always attach links to recipes I use and post recipes I have developed on my own (when I deem them good enough to share, that is).

I make all types of food: obviously Italian and less obviously Jewish (I’m half and half), I have been experimenting with Asian, Mediterranean and Latin American cuisines (I’ve realized I’m a better cook than most delivery, and am constantly expanding my repertoire – plus now we won’t have delivery on the farm!). Really, I like to cook things that are good to share. I try and eat organic and in season as much as possible and you will often see me post about trips to various NYC farmer’s markets and specialty food stores. I am a serious carnivore but will not eat or cook anything that has ever swam. I also love to bake. I also post about cocktails, travel, other people’s party’s, fun adventures and things I like. I have a crazy hectic restaurant schedule so I post once a week (sometimes twice if I’m lucky enough to find the spare time). I hope you will sporadically check back and see what I’ve been up to!




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